Upcoming Shows!

State College Show, Central Pennsylvania July 9-12

Bellevue, WA July 24-26

Palo Alto, CA August 22-23

Sausilito, CA September 5-7

Plaza Art Kansas City, MO 25-27

email me if you’d like more info! Hope to see some of my internet friends there!

5 Responses to Upcoming Shows!

  • David keyes says:

    Just looking for your 2016 summer schedule :)

  • Lynda Billa Burke says:

    Will you be in either San Antonio, Texas or Crested Butte in this coming year 2017.
    I was giving one or your cuffs for a birthday present and would love to own more if you beautiful work.

    Lynda Billa Burke

    • Tana says:

      Lynda….I will be at Woodlands Art Fest in Tx in April
      Not Crested Butte this summer….maybe in a coupe, I like to mix it up every year if possible.
      Look at my site and let me know what you would like and we can do it!….call 505-984-3047 also (the studio ## )
      best, Tana

  • Lynda Billa Burke says:

    One more time

  • Laurey Clampitt says:

    Hello~ I love your work – i own several of your plaited rings – one in silver with white pearls (from Sedona) and one in gold with white pearls (from the Kohler Art Museum, Kohler, Wisc.). There is a break in the band of the silver one – it is roughly 5 yrs old – is there anything that can be done to repair it….or is that expected with the age of the ring? Thanks so much for your reply ~ Laurey

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